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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

So its Christmas Eve/ Christmas and I am/ was/ is drunk and i am thinking FUCK YOU! wouldn't be mad if i never saw your face again, you don't count like nothing. So much for a Happy FUCKIN Holiday....oh well return to the regularly scheduled program.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Feed me...

lies and bullshit that I don't need is all u feedin me. so fuck you and fuck off. i don't need you tho i will admit i did want you but what do you give me, nothing and a whole lot of it, by the time you realize what the fuck is standing in front of you, i will be gone. You never miss your water til your well runs dry that shit is the truth. Man i am so fuckin pissed as if you couldn't tell. Why? WHy? WHY? the fuck do you volunteer lies if you lie about the lil shit then its guaranteed that you will lie about anything. You lil lying fucking bitch!

p.s. yea I am still gonna spend the night....lmao

Monday, December 8, 2008

So I lied

lol i ain't walk away from shit, spent the night, got breakfast, took pictures.....
i guess i have no willpower but who gives a damn i am smiling today no matter how long it lasts i am happy in my current situation. well its almost time for me to get off work, 50 min exactly.
I have my last final on Wednesday its in my stats class i should be studying just can't I got senioritis ready to get this degree and chill for a minute.

um nothing to really talk about that much....

o yea ex girlfriend called me from her new boyfriend house asking did I wanna attend the john legend concert with her but she ain't talkin bout buyin the tickets so fuck it lol

but hell idk, whats up wit ya blogworld

Sunday, December 7, 2008




I walk away from love.

-Jill Scott

Friday, December 5, 2008

I ain't no Kanye...

lift me to drop me

nurse me to hurt me

kiss me then kick me

give me to take

this is my tale of heartbreak, no 808's......

********** I hold my nuts as I exit************

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Party and Bullshit

Thats all I been doing. I mean its time for finals, but who the hell even feels like going to class. I mean its like I fell into a slump I just wanna drink and hang out with friends, since I haven't had much luck with my romantic life, it sux cow balls, so forget it one of my homies had a bday so we shut down the VIP....

patron and punch all night, stepped out looking fresh in my new Cole Haan loafers (thanks to the black friday sales..... I racked up some shit) so I am about to be even flyer........I wanna apologize for not posting that much but like I told yall I been slumming., but I am back guaranteed cuz when i keep all this sad real life shit to myself i get depressed... i mean like white ppl depressed just don't be feelin life like at all but shit its all to the good lemme show ya the pics of how fly the kid was at the club