Montage of a Maniac

Crazy...How I remain sane. The Life and times of V.Dier.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


23 yr old, black male, with a college degree and yes I am full of myself!!!

"show me someone not full of themself and i will show you a hungry person"-- Nikki Giovanni


Shattered but i'm not broken....

Monday, January 25, 2010


Expectations lead to disappointment

I expect nothing therefore I cannot be disappointed.


underneath it all
who am i
impeccably dressed styled to the T
i wipe tears from the face of who i believe is me

standing in the mirror at a face i used to know
i allowed the world to stunt me and i no longer grow
outgrowing stipulations, regulations, and preconcieved notations

i rip myself of society's wares
i leave behind all premonitions and cares
ridding myself of who the world thinks i should be
i found solace in knowing that....
I am ME


Haven't came back to this old place since YOU found it...
it was no longer mine it was no longer sacred
I had to remind myself even though you found it
it was still mine...i possessed it, but YOU possessed me