Montage of a Maniac

Crazy...How I remain sane. The Life and times of V.Dier.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Day 2

Well after leaving work I went to go visit a special someone ended up sleepin over and not making it home til like 4 am. i had a great time for the first time since my break up with my ex it seems i may actually be letting someone in.....scary... i know ..... i once read in a book that love is like skydiving, when you jump out that plane there is no guarantee that other person is going to jump out behind you but in the worst case scenario you jump out the plane look down on the ground and see the other person never even got in the plane....a real joykill but thats the same thing about love. we r so interested because its new and exciting and we can try to predict the outcome but are never too sure, i guess if love was routine no one would want to be in it. being honest this blogging thing is kind of a relief just sharing my thoughts with the world secretly hoping that no one will look at it but me and the select few that I invite into my life. Feels like this week could take forever to get by but boy o boy I can't wait til Friday. I plan on having a great weekend, doin what, absolutley nothing.... just relaxing and having peace of mind. but we all know thats subject to change at any time with the way my life usually is....hectic. I know so far that i have to go to the barber on wednesday so i can be fresh for thursday night at LEVEL, i must inform you that Houston Downtown nightlife ROCKS!!!! lol i plan on partyin hard. um ok well i guesss since i am at work i should actually be doin somethin... i'll get back to this blog thing soon enough....

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Getting Started

Never blogged before. but been taking a look at some blogs online. hey. these peoples lives are pretty lame if u ask me. but you didn't. oh well. i'm telling you anyway. I guess this creates a space where I can be me saying what I want to say kinda like my live journal. wow. yea it is the world is now in trouble i can share my thoughts with complete strangers, who you never know, may feel the same way I do. right now I am sitting at work on a Sunday, obviously not working but what the hell i'm still getting paid for it. this is kinda surreal I never thought I would have this much to say to complete strangers. i guess when my significant other isn't responding to my texts in time then what the hell i'll invite strangers to share my world, uh oh does this mean i'm having a net affair i hope not cuz i'm really not the cheating type I promise (scout's honor). lol. um i dont know what all i should share with you all and what i shouldn't the net can be a dangerous place. ya know. so we'll play it cool for now I wont tell u all my business until i am sure u can handle it. ya know sometimes the truth is just as ugly as homemade sin.