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Thursday, February 26, 2009

So I'm Stoked

(My Tickets to see E.Badu 3-6-09)

Picked up my concert tix to see the infamous Badu yesterday, went to class had 2 tests that I ain't know shit about (how do i miss these things in class) ....O i forgot i ain't go to I still wrecked them hoes, i have one more today but its an online test tho, so its open book or in my eyes by any means necessary I will do whatever i gotta do to get an A, i met with my group for my marketing communications project knocked out our paper so that eliminated any homework for that class....always a plus.

Was supposed to go get tatted last night with a few friends but ended up missing it because I had to go by another friend's birthday dinner. tried to sustain from alcohol because i heard it makes u bleed more when u get tatted. but anyone who knows me knows that it would be easier for R.Kelly to stay away from playgrounds than for me to not drink during a REVERSE Happy Hour (9p to 11p), so again last night Patron did me wrong.

But on the up and up I ran into an old friend I knew from Stephen F. Austin State University before i transferred, we chatted up she told me how good I looked with facial hair. I told her I was going to the Badu concert and she told me she was doing Badu's make-up. U know me I'm tryna see if i can carry the make up equipment or something just for the chance to meet Ms. Badu.......

me wit facial hair

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Ankhs, the wraps, the plus degrees

"Everything around you seeThe Ankhs, the wraps, the plus degreesAnd yes even the mysteriesIts all meSometimes it hard to move you seeWhen you growing publicyBut if I have to chose betweenI chose me" - Me, E.Badu, New Amerykah Pt. 1

YES! I am going to see her just bought my tickets and plan on picking them up tonight!!!

Can't speak for the rest of the world but to me Erykah is the truth I can see myself sitting there now yelling "Do what ya do, Badu" or "Can't nobody do Badu like you do" lol lines I've stolen from Joan on Girlfriends .man I am hopin she hit us wit some ole school at the show too you know like:


-Orange Moon

-Kiss me on my Neck


-I'm in love wit u

-Pick ya Afro

I am like a die hard Badu fan and plan on really enjoying this concert. I bought two tickets and now here comes the hard part I just gotta find a date.....Anybody in Houston March 6 wit no plans lol...

"I'm an orange moon I'm brighter than before, brighterReflecting the light of the sunSmile at me"- E. Badu, Orange Moon