Montage of a Maniac

Crazy...How I remain sane. The Life and times of V.Dier.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Like Crazy

I been gone, so I figure yall missing me like crazy.... lol

Naw just working and school started back and now we got a black prez. things couldn't get any better, just droppin a line to let yall know I am still breathing. Oh yea doin the completely single thing again and just hangin wit my peepz.... Well bout to leave work and head to class, here is a pic of me and my homies hitting poetry night at the Shadow Bar downtown.

PS Yea I know thats the shirt I had on in my New Year's post but dammit I think its my new favorite least it was clean............... i think lol


Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Here are a few pics of me on New Years Eve out shoppin wit ma peeps. Hope everyone had a good New Year!!

As for me it was cool just chillin wit tha homies (got wasted), but that was a known fact anyway. Gotta get an oil change too so my damn oil light can go off. I am so sleeeeeeeeeeeeepy but stuck at work. Oh yea first read of the New Year, I picked up Eric Jerome Dickey's newest book, Dying for Revenge, sure to be a good read, Dickey never lets me down.