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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Getting Started

Never blogged before. but been taking a look at some blogs online. hey. these peoples lives are pretty lame if u ask me. but you didn't. oh well. i'm telling you anyway. I guess this creates a space where I can be me saying what I want to say kinda like my live journal. wow. yea it is the world is now in trouble i can share my thoughts with complete strangers, who you never know, may feel the same way I do. right now I am sitting at work on a Sunday, obviously not working but what the hell i'm still getting paid for it. this is kinda surreal I never thought I would have this much to say to complete strangers. i guess when my significant other isn't responding to my texts in time then what the hell i'll invite strangers to share my world, uh oh does this mean i'm having a net affair i hope not cuz i'm really not the cheating type I promise (scout's honor). lol. um i dont know what all i should share with you all and what i shouldn't the net can be a dangerous place. ya know. so we'll play it cool for now I wont tell u all my business until i am sure u can handle it. ya know sometimes the truth is just as ugly as homemade sin.


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