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Monday, October 13, 2008

ARRRRRRGGGGHHH! How I hate Mondays right. I'm super tired from this weekend and Monday is just a reminder that no matter how hard you try you can never catch up on sleep that you missed.

Another thing today is not only Monday its Colombus day, remember back in the day in those good ole elementary school daze we was outta school errday so today woulda straight been cartoons ALL day!!!!! But things change and instead of cartoons I have work and school all day, GRRRR! but nevermind that its Happy Hour(@ Sonic) lol Cmon you guys I'm at work I wouldn't do that, but my bizzest homie is bringin be a big ass lemon berry slush and I can't wait.

Oh yea over the weekend I got picture of the week at

so yea check it out.....Oh yea I went to Dallas for the game I'll post some pics of the fuckery that was my weekend , I'm out for now


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